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lørdag 11. september 2010

Facebook   users   do   not   realize   how   vulnerable   their   information   is,   according   to   Ari   Melber   in   “About   Facebook.“   Melber   states   that   face   book   has   over   58   million   active   members.   Between   those   58   million   members   there   are   more   than   2.7   billion   photos   posted,   and   more   than   2.2   billion   digital   labels.   All   photos   posted   on   facebook   are   property   of   Facebook.   The   photos   can   be   used   for   advertising   bulletins.   Even   those   who   terminate   their   membership   still   leave   their   pictures   and   digital   labels   posted   online.   If   you   die   Facebook   keeps   your   member   profile   in   archives   to   be   accessed   and   mourned   by   other   Facebook   users,   including   your   pictures.

All   Facebook   members   have   the   right   to   limit   the   access   others   have   to   their   profile,   but   most   just   choose   the   default   setting.   “Why   do   young   people   publicize   the   very   information   they   want   to   keep   private?“   Asked   melber.   According   to   a   study   done   by   Carnegie   Mellon   one   third   of   students   didn’t   know   how   easy   it   is   for   non   students   to   access   their   profile.   Thirty   percent   of   students   didn’t   even   know   they   could   limit   access   to   their   profile.   Four   out   of   every   five   people   give   access   to   everybody   by   choosing   just     default   settings.

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